Adult Ministries

Witness Sunday School Class

Group Description

This open, cordial adult class is a mixture of married couple (most with grandchildren) and widowed adults. The thrive on building close relationships with each other, and always love to see a new face, which they welcome with open arms. While all of their study focuses on in-depth exploration of the Scripture, they use many varied formats and materials. The Witness Class understands that faith is built in both study and service, and is always looking for ways to serve the Church and others.

Pat Cleveland: President          Rhett Mitchell: Treasurer

Group Leader: Andy Gallman, John Goodrow, Otis Trollinger, and Bill Lovett

Men’s Bible Class

Group Description

The Men’s Bible Class was formed in 1957, making it one of the longest active classes at Forest United Methodist Church. As the name implies, this class of all men believe that the Bible is the foundation of all faith. Using the International Study Lesson as guide, they begin each class with prayer and a recitation of the Ten Commandments. In-depth study and good, lively discussions are the trademark of this group as they build relationships that strengthen their lives and faith.

Group Leader: Bill Haralson and Gratz Myers

Austin/Hunt Sunday School Class

Group Description

The Austin-Hunt Class, an active part of the Sunday School Department for many years, studies with weekly Sunday School lesson from the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies supplemented by materials from the Standard Publishing Company. We are pleased to extend an invitation to anyone who is seeking a class where there is warm fellowship, loving care and concern for others, and a learning environment that promotes spiritual development.

Group Leader: Allen and Mitzi Breland and Eula Ann Myers

Horace Crosby Sunday School Class

Group Description

This group of older retired persons have been meeting and growing and sharing together for over 50 years. Those are amazing relationships. They use the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies as their guide for explore God’s Word and growing in faith.

Group Leader: Margaret Thompson, Nancy Chambers, Jo Marler and Margaret Burns

Luther E. Tadlock Sunday School Class

Group Description

Using the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies class materials, this class explores a variety of topics with weekly lessons. Adults of all ages are welcome, couples or singles. Fellowship and social activities bring us together as a family who loves each other

President: Frances Madden.

Group Leader: Patty Hyde

Berean Sunday School Class

Group Description

This Young Adult Class (20’s – 40’s) is composed of both married couples with children and single folks. They choose many varied studies throughout the year, with an emphasis on studying the Scriptures and how it applies to living the faithful life. This class thrives on healthy discussion, having fun, and building relationships with each other and strengthening their relationship with God.

Group Leader: Patsy Nicholson

Pilgrim Sunday School Class

Group Description

This class is comprised of mainly married couples with teen or young adult children. The teaching style is one of Biblical Study and prescribed Sunday School lessons. These student revolve around modern-day application and Biblical direction. Seems that our members like this person approach and its interactions.

Group Leader: Evan Thompson

Psalm 61:1

The Lord has appointed me to tell the good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort those whose hearts are broken.